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Team The Dolomites

Team Lead

Gabriela I

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I am a trained teacher and counselor with a passion for learning skills and languages. Together we can take one step each day so that you can thrive in school and life.

Christian W

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If you want a coach that has been through adversary and still made it out on top, then I am the guy. I am a first-generation graduate who came from a low-income, single-parent, immigrant household and now holds a B.S. in Neuroscience, MBA in Health Service Administration, and M.S. in Medical Science. No hurdle is too hard to overcome, and I'll help you get over it!

My name is Micah John Springleer. I am passionate about community development, education, and humanitarian work with experience working in the non-profit and education sector. My education includes Business Management, Paralegal Practice, Theology, and Philosophy. I help incredible people explore ways to better themselves and prepare for a bright future.

Elizabeth M

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I'm a strong believer that every child has immense potential and that what it takes to reach this potential is understanding, patience, discipline, and support. I look forward to applying my knowledge, patience, and skills, through this valuable platform to assist you and celebrate with you when your potential has been unlocked!

I know Ntsikelelo is hard to pronounce so you can call me Ziggy, and I am from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I am a self-taught graphic designer who is passionate about all things creative. Fun fact: In high school, I held the high jump record being only 5'7, which is testimony that your potential is endless so never doubt yourself. I can't wait to meet you and help you discover your abundant potential.

Tishan G

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I am a music graduate who is creative, fun, and passionate. As your coach, I will bring a unique experience to the table because I know the importance of structure, goals, organization, and habit, as I implement these daily in my own life. Let me help you become the best version of yourself with simple and easy steps.

Kristina S

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My learning philosophy is my belief in the power of education which can open doors of opportunity, knowledge, and confidence! I am passionate and dedicated to guiding my students toward success. I love planning trips around the world, learning new languages, and finding the comedy and joy in daily life!

Team Sugar Loaf Mountain

Team Lead

Sinovuyo K

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As a Psychology and Sociology graduate, I am grateful for any opportunity to assist others and add value to their lives. As a coach, I aim to continually nurture and guide my students toward their full potential.

I am a mother of 5, newborn to age 11, with experience in life coaching and youth sports. I love learning about others and helping them realize their true potential. I am very passionate about teaching life skills to children of all ages to prepare them, both personally and professionally, for what the world has to offer!

Viktoriia O

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I believe that nothing is impossible, with a little effort, a little discipline, and a lot of desire. This is what has helped me throughout my life. Thanks to the ability to mix these three qualities I have already visited more than 50 countries and had the opportunity to live in several cities. Travelling is my hobby and I believe traveling allows you to grow so let me take you on a journey and walk this path together.

An enthusiastic educator and coach with over ten years of experience teaching subjects as diverse as standard school subject tutoring, college readiness, coding/digital skills, physical education, and even socio-emotional learning to diverse student populations. I am passionate about helping students build habits and practices that help them thrive in grade school and beyond!

I am an artist, writer, adventurer, athlete, and animal lover with a passion for learning and making each day better than the last. My goal is to use creative thinking skills and help students develop habits of success.

Keatin O

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As an English teacher, I have worked in a multicultural environment for 6 years with almost every nationality in the world. My happiness in life comes from the help and guidance I can provide my students towards becoming the best version of themselves.

Team Great Smoky Mountains

Team Lead

Riordan G

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Through my experience as a teacher and principal, I have had the opportunity to assist students from a wide range of academic capabilities. I have successfully helped guide many towards achieving their goals by tailoring my approach to each student's unique strengths.

Hello :) I am Nobu and I hold a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree. I am passionate about education and personal development... You should pick me as a coach because I genuinely care and I will always go the extra mile to help!

Tanika S

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I am a passionate teacher/coach with over four years online experience! I love helping others achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves!

Danielle K

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I'm a passionate, hardworking, and keen student of life, a Bachelor of Social Sciences and a Honours in Political and International Relations graduate - and hopefully a coach to you :). As a first-generation graduate with two years-worth tutoring experience, working with youngsters I know what it takes to succeed in what you want to do. Along the line, it's important to have fun, and I can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Melissa S

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I am a Mother, Certified TEFOL Teacher, and Role Model, Coach. I enjoy helping others and feel that nothing is impossible, the hardest step is always the first step and I dedicate my time and energy to help prepare students personally and professionally so that they can be a "Great Success" in their lives and futures. I look forward to walking this journey with you.

Gosego M

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I'm a certified student entrepreneurial trainer and a law student, I've tutored numerous students “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”, Let me and Coachbit help you decide

Kimberley M

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I am an LLB student at The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa with a Bachelor of Arts (Law Major) degree from the same institution. An experienced mentor and tutor as well as a peer educator. I believe in a broad and holistic approach to winning in all aspects of life.

Justine L

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I am a passionate individual who is determined to help others reach their goals and ambitions in life.

Team Appalacians

Team Lead

Sa-eedah T

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I'm a French Language & Literature Graduate and an eternal student and enthusiastic teacher; who believes in cultivating a love of learning, a goal of lifelong education, and a positive personal contribution to the world. Besides my native English, I am also proficient in French and German with a strong linguistics background; and have experience working in a French lycée as an English Assistant. I understand the enormous effort and discipline needed to achieve one's dreams and am confident that I will help my students to understand and dedicate the same to theirs.

A Veteran Sports Coach and Basketball Player with 7 Years of Coaching Experience and 6 Years of Basketball Perfection! I am a student currently studying Sports Management and Biokinetics; who loves coaching and bringing students to their fullest potential without toxicity or forceful admission. I believe students will always want to learn when they are understood and allowed to grow just the way they desire.

I am an experienced coach with a Masters in Organizational Psychology and I love it when results speak for themselves. I can help you become unstuck, focused, clear, and have fun too as you achieve your goals.

Johnny M

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I am a Metallurgical Engineer with experience in Project Engineering and Academia. I have tutored 3rd-year Engineering students, and my extensive training in people and student dynamics allows me to work seamlessly with students in assisting them to perform academically.

Nathaniel J

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Third-year psychology and Sociology major. I have years of experience in mentoring roles and am passionate about helping young students achieve academic and social excellence.

I am a Social Development Masters student with an undergraduate degree in psychology and social development. I have four years of experience helping teenagers grow and develop and I am passionate about making positive changes in the lives of young people.

Brittany J

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Having the experience of being a student, I have orchestrated my area of expertise towards the behavioral sciences - particularly those related to performance. This insight has not only allowed me to become a top achiever in my own academic, professional, and sporting fields but also guide numerous Coachbit students towards their ultimate potential!

Team Table Mountain

Team Lead

Sydney R

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Bachelor of Communication and Bachelor of Behavioral Science degree holder with a passion for helping others succeed with their life goals.

Gabriella W

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I have three years of tutoring experience with students from toddlers to adults, and currently in the final year of completing my Bachelor's of Education undergrad degree. I have taught both face-to-face lessons, as well as online distance tutoring to students all over the world. I can assist students in reaching their full potential in their education and daily lives, by finding a healthy and consistent routine to suit their lifestyles.

Ashlyn A

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As a University Graduate with a focus on Psychology, and Human Kinetics and Ergonomics (Human Movement). I have a background in mentoring students from High School and University as well as a background in Sports Coaching. I have a burning passion for learning and would love to coach you and make learning new skills and forming habits fun.

As an experienced and qualified Learner Facilitator and Mentor with a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology and Gender Studies, my goal is to help students succeed in all areas and see their true potential. Let's work together to find purpose in everything you do!

Duncan K

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I know what it is like to not be organized, focused, and battling with memory in class as I was one of those students. Through small steps and actions, I was able to change my habits and achieve more of my goals. I want to now help those students who battle, and help them achieve their full potential, and reach their goals.

Team Rocky Mountain

Team Lead

Michelle L

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Self-esteem and motivation are a large part of my counseling & coaching qualification. I am using my passion for Motivation as a Role Model Coach for Coachbit. Experience in working as an independent motivational speaker and blogger has developed my skills for enabling individuals to reach their full potential.

Psychology Honours Graduate, with loads of working experience with children, who loves helping others. Give your child the opportunity to thrive to the best of their abilities.

Tamika V

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My name is Tamika, I have a degree in Communication Science and Psychology and Honours in Psychology. I am passionate about helping people. My experience is with tutoring students. I would be a great coach as I am always willing to help by making sure we work together as a team to ensure the best possible results :)

Michelle M

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I am an Industrial Psychology graduate and during my school years, I have helped students reach their academic goals as I am passionate about the wellbeing of students and helping them develop by fostering personal development. I assist students the way they need to be assisted as I understand that one needs to be coached in a way that is best suited for them.

Ayesha T

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I am a Honours Psychology graduate who is passionate about promoting a holistic learning environment that fosters students unique learning capabilities and motivates them to excel in both their academic and social life!

I am a highly organized, big-hearted friendly bear that will dedicate myself to being there for you as we journey together to grow your foundations for the future.

Team Crystal Mountain

Team Lead

Jonathan L

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My learning philosophy is my belief in the power of unlocking the maximum potential for transformative change, starting with the mindset of my students and their parents. Let's transform together!🤓📈

Justin P

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A third-year student of the University of Cape Town majoring in Information Systems and Chinese Studies. I am the UCT Ultimate Frisbee club chairperson, Ultimate Frisbee coach at Westerford High school and Michael Oak Waldorf school here in Cape Town, Chinese Studies class representative for 2 years, and a private tutor with more than 6 years of experience, and background extra on movie sets. I have a TEFL certificate and taught English in China for a year. I am ready to help those achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

I am passionate about helping others achieve the best version of themselves and I do this by assisting them to activate their true potential. Through my psychological counseling studies, private tutoring experience with over 100 students tutored, and exceptional interpersonal skills, I am the direct match you are looking for.

A final year Journalism student majoring in Public relations and Communication; with 4 years of experience in tutoring, mentoring, and homeschooling children. My goal is to allow each student's unique personality to blossom by building structures and routines that complement who they are and who they would like to be!

Jonathan v

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As your coach, I have one goal that I wish to fulfill as best I can: To guide you to becoming the person you aim to be.

Team Mount Everest

Team Lead

Regan H

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I am passionate about living a balanced life, and I look forward to helping my students build the skills that I know from experience can lead to a more productive, happy, and balanced life.

Chantel S

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I am a Psychology Masters Graduate, with a year of tutoring experience. I help the curriculum department at Coachbit write and research new and exciting modules for coaching!

Mikaela D

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I have a bachelor’s in psychology and a professional background in behavioral health. I believe compassion is one of the most essential virtues and approach my coaching sessions with warmth, patience, and understanding.

I am a recent UCT graduate with a passion for coaching. I am fun, easy going, and will be here for all your coaching needs! I'll bring a fun approach to our sessions and can't wait to get started!

Kathryn R

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I'm a PhD Graduate in History with experience in tutoring at a high-school and university level. I'm a writer at heart and love translating big ideas into small meaningful nuggets of information.

Johann M

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My schooling journey could be characterized by high pressure and high performance, but I only unlocked my true potential and passions with a more holistic approach to life. As a former student-athlete, I understand the challenges faced by those with too much on their plates, and I would love to walk alongside them.

Psychology & Coaching Science Graduate/Business Development I am a highly enthusiastic and engaging person, who loves to help develop and empower others into the best versions of themselves!

Psychology Master's graduate and a qualified Educational Psychologist with considerable and successful experience in working holistically with students and their families. I have a passion for helping students to perform to their full potential during their individual learning journeys.

Pierre d

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I have nearly 2 decades of experience in people development and learning, I care deeply about people becoming better people and doing their best work.

As a Masters's graduate with a specialized Organizational Psychology focus, I am able to help students reach their full potential as they reflect, learn and grow from their experiences. Let me help you create your unique path towards your ultimate future self.

Monica R

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An adventurer at heart, I am passionate about recognizing the little daily opportunities for improvement in others and helping them reach greatness through patience and encouragement. With my background in psychology, I am well equipped to journey with any student towards success.

With over 4 years of Coaching experience - I have successfully assisted numerous students in achieving their physical, mental, and social potential. Since obtaining my qualification in Singapore in 2017 I have gone on to accumulate over 600 coaching hours guiding students from every continent, except Antarctica (for now).

Want to thrive in life? Start each day by changing one small behavior. I will help you to develop the right lifestyle and study behaviors that are fundamentally important and that are proven to work. With over a year's experience at Coachbit, I have the tools and knowledge to guide you to your full potential.

Accolades from Coachbit: Amy is currently our most sought-after coach, and has been with Coachbit since its inception. She has played a vital part in building the curriculum for Coachbit, and has the highest success rate of all of our coaches.

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