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Tanika S

I excel as a coach by not only guiding students toward healthier routines and habits but also by forming personal connections to tailor my support to their unique needs. Patience, dedication, empathy, passion, and a love for forging new connections define my approach to coaching students. I foster open communication, even offering wellness days for candid discussions. Prior to coaching, my experience as an online English teacher granted me a global perspective, enriching my ability to assist others in crucial life aspects. I bring my own life experiences to sessions, fortified by strong communication skills and a shared journey. Witnessing students attain their goals and establish transformative routines is my ultimate reward. My core values that I live by are Kindness, Honesty, and Gratitude. The life motto that I follow is: 'Don't let others define you and your success'.

  • Cooking – During lockdown I decided to try out a few recipes I had come across and discovered that I have a passion for food and different flavors.
  • Writing – I've always found solace in writing; from my school days to the present, it's been a means to express myself and cope with life's ups and downs, with journaling as my go-to during both good and challenging times.
  • Organizing – I enjoy organizing everything from cupboards to my workspace, using lists to keep track, as a tidy environment brings me a sense of relief and happiness, enhancing my focus and productivity.
  • Spending time with friends and family – Spending time with family has always been my cherished pastime. I treasure creating lasting memories with friends and family, often gathering for a South African 'braai,' our version of a barbecue.
  • Walking – I have three dogs that I adore going on walks with especially during the colder months of the year because I absolutely love cold weather!
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Tishan G

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As a Coachbit Coach my coaching centers on trust, respect, and accountability. I foster a positive, inclusive environment to empower students in realizing their full potential.

My coaching philosophy is to make learning relatable through my coaching for each student. Every student is unique and deserves tailored teaching that resonates with them, for optimal understanding.

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Kimberley M

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My coaching philosophy is founded on encouraging curiosity, and valuing continuous improvement. I strongly believe that success comes from effort, dedication, and a willingness to embrace challenges.

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Justine L

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My coaching philosophy centers on cultivating an empowering, safe, and productive learning environment where each student can feel safe and secure to be themselves and grow.

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