How it works?

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15 minutes every day

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Awesome, role model coaches

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Evidence-based curriculum

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Suitable for ages 11 – 21

The Coachbit Journey

We match your child with
one of our in-house coaches

Our coaches:

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Have passed a background check

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Work full-time (or half-time)

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Undergo constant training

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Are awesome, fun people

Female coach with long black hair smiling. She is wearing a blue and white horizontally striped jersey. She is next to a young male student with blonde hair smiling. He is wearing a white t-shirt, a brown backpack over his shoulder, and is carrying a laptop under his arm.
Chat between coach and student.

Your child connects with
their coach every day

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They connect via live chat in the Coachbit app.

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They can also send video and voice messages.

Worried live chat won't work?

Daily needs to be sustainable. Video calls become too overwhelming to keep up with. Remember your kids text their friends. They’re used to it.

They follow the Coachbit Three sparks emphasising 'Coachbit'
habit building program
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The program has 5 stages.

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Each stage has 5–8 core modules.

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Each stage builds upon the previous stages.

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The program is customized to your child.

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Your child can begin at Stage 1, 2 or 3.

Male student with brown hair smiling.
Purple circle with white tick inside MON
Purple circle with white tick inside TUE
Purple circle with white tick inside WED
Purple circle with white tick inside THU
Purple circle with white tick inside FRI

Build The Foundation

Establish a morning routine, prioritize sleep and start building healthy habits. Learn to take responsibility for your own improvement.

Purple todo list with white pencil checking off items (Stage 1).
Pink calendar icon with a clock showing 3PM (Stage 2).

Build Daily Structure

Establish the basic structure of a productive day. Practice being organized, setting priorities, and creating a schedule.

Build A Study Routine

Learn how to study effectively, engage in class, build your focus muscle, and to plan and prepare for tests.

Orange diary icon with spectacles looking at the routine (Stage 3).
Blue lotus flower with a white heart next to it (Stage 4).

Build Resilience

Develop grit, cultivate a growth mindset, embrace mindfulness practices, and skillfully navigate stress and challenges.

Build Your Future

Self-reflect, plan your future and acquire skills that will help you succeed in a complex and ever-changing world.

Green rocket ship blasting off to the top right (Stage 5).
New level unlocked
Your child can earn points and level up

Join an uplifting community of other teens who are on a journey to become the best versions of themselves.

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Participate in fun challenges

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Earn badges and rewards

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Compete against others

4 circular student faces with +9 more hiding the rest.

Parents can follow along in our Parent Portal

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Liase with your child's coach

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Track your child's progress

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Praise their achievements

Parent dashboard
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