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Tools and programs to help kids stay focused, improve study skills, and enhance their well-being.

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Help your child reach their full potential

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Improve core study and life
skills through our tailored
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What are the benefits of coaching?

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Growing up just got a little easier!
We help kids & teens with ADHD navigate school and life.

There are over six million kids in the US who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Struggling to manage an ADHD child can be overly challenging at times. We're here to help you be the best parent you can be. Coachbit is designed to have short coaching sessions each day so that your child can build their focus and attention skills.

With Coachbit your child will:

Have morning and evening routines

Work off an organizer and checklists

Improve their focus

Say no to distractions (easily)

Follow instructions well

Manage their stress well

Develop their memorization skills

Actively problem solve

Have obtainable daily goals

Be able to self regulate their mood

Helping your kids build positive routines and habits just got easier!
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*Disclaimer: Coachbit is not an official treatment for ADHD, but rather additional support. Please consult your doctor and a psychologist for targeted treatment.

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