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Amazing progress in 1 month
No more missing assignments, all grades in the 90s, and getting to school is super easy with the new morning routine. Can't recommend highly enough.
We are just loving Coachbit…
I wake up and find the kids up before me, clean bedrooms. I can see they are becoming more responsible and do things because they have a sense of ownership rather than because they were asked to.
Coach Julie holds my child accountable...
Julie is teaching my child lifelong skills and I am so grateful for her and this program. I recommend Coachbit to everyone whose child is struggling.
Wayne, our BATMAN
Wayne has demonstrated empathy, patience, and kindness towards my son as he grows each day with tiny tasks. Wayne embodies the role of a big brother. His daily connections are changing my son's life.
Tools for personal growth
My daughter has enjoyed her sessions with Kimberly. She faithfully logs onto her daily sessions. She has been given tools to be more introspective about her habits and uses phrases like 'growth mindset'. You don't get these tools in school.
We have good results so far…
We have good results so far with Coach Rami. She is helpful, communicative, open to feedback, and has helped our teen already. We have only been doing the program for 2 months so the small steps are starting to add up.
Coach Justin is amazing…
Coach Justin is amazing and responsive when I have any questions. He puts great energy when coaching my son and both have great rapport. I started seeing structure in my son's day and positive changes in behavior and attitude.
Just after one month of coaching!
My son is loving his coach Derek. I have to thank you for the work you've done thus far. The work you're doing is purpose driven and important. Helping to shape young minds in a positive direction is so major.
Coachbit has given me more time to be mom...
Coachbit has allowed me to focus my energy on being mom. My son is more open to the importance of strategies and skills needed to be successful in school. He is starting to take the lead on organizing his space and completing homework.
So grateful for Sydney and Coachbit!
We had tried private tutors who charged $150+ an hour to no avail. I am so impressed with how effective Coachbit is! The short, daily check-ins are brilliant. It keeps my daughter motivated without overwhelming her. She's taken much more ownership over her days.
He is more confident!
Our son started with Coachbit after his first semester at College. His executive functioning skills were well supported and has helped him gain more control of his day. He is more confident and has shown a marked turnaround. Thanks Coach Rob.
Coaching is great for our 14 year daughter.
Our experience with Coachbit has been very positive. I am very impressed with Coach Ayesha. Within the first week Ayesha helped organize Lucy's morning routine and she now gets to school on time.
I have been so grateful for Coachbit.
I am so grateful for Coachbit. My son was struggling with staying on top of his assignments without overwhelm. He was resistant at first but is now loving it. It took the responsibility of helping him with school work away from me, so I can focus on just being a parent.
Coachbit has truly helped my son…
Matthew started with Coachbit in December 2021. He was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks in school but is now doing so well. Changes didn't happen overnight, but these last few weeks have been a breath of fresh air. His coach LaTia has been amazing!
It is very helpful
I have just started using Coachbit and I can already see a difference. The coach I have is a really nice guy and he is easy to talk to about anything.
I wish I had this when I was a kid...
I honestly wish I had something like this growing up. To have a personal, real life coach to talk to every single day. There is so much value in this service to help young people navigate such a turbulent world. THANK YOU COACHBIT!!!
I was a little apprehensive at first
I was a little apprehensive at first. My son needed the support but I wasn't sure he would buy in to the program. After a few weeks we are seeing positive results. He is developing a morning routine and it's amazing to watch. His coach Tishan is EXCELLENT!
Happy Mom
My son started with Coachbit and is really enjoying it. I have already seen improvement in his attitude towards school and life. I highly recommend Coachbit. His coach is awesome and puts in the time and effort to help my son and he keeps me in the loop.
College students can benefit too!
My college student has benefited tremendously from Coachbit. He struggled with study skills, procrastination and self-doubt. With the help of Coach Kate, he is now flourishing. His grades are better than they have ever been and he has gained self-confidence.
Matt is an Amazing Coach
Matt is an amazing Coach. He understands my daughter's needs and is working with her to establish a routine. He is invested in seeing her succeed and helping build her self-confidence. He is very personable and provides regular progress updates.
Dean is an amazing coach!
We started with Dean a couple of months ago. He is supporting our very difficult 18-year-old son. Dean has been phenomenal and we are already seeing a difference. The updates he sends us are very informative and enlightening.
Rob has been fantastic to work with
Rob has been fantastic to work with. Mack has challenges engaging for any length of time. After 3 months his grades have gone up and he keeps his room a bit tidier. The short sessions are so helpful for someone with ADHD. Rob sends regular updates and is very responsive.
My 16 year old son has tried several…
My 16 year old son has tried several different life coach programs and nothing worked. Coachbit is making a huge difference because it is every day for short periods of time. My son was barely passing last year and now has As & Bs. I HIGHLY recommend this program.
The way that Coachbit has helped with ADHD
Coachbit has helped me develop a strong habit every day and has helped me realize the strategies I have to use to succeed.
Derek is great at communicating…
Derek is great at communicating his goals for my son and keeping me in the loop!
Gaia is amazing!!
Gaia is amazing!!! She emails me after every coaching she has with my daughter and lets me know what was covered. My three weeks with Gaia and Coachbit have been amazing so far. I look forward to what my daughter will accomplish in the future.
Coachbit is the best.
Things are starting to get organized around the home responsibilities. Thank you Coachbit.
Riordan is exactly who your child needs…
Riordan is exactly who your child needs when he/she is struggling or just hit a bump along the way. He isn't just a Coach, he is a mentor. He knows how to communicate with children so they trust him and want to work with him. He is simply the best.
Coach Jiten is Terrific!
Jiten is doing a wonderful job working with our son! He is very patient and knowledgeable. We appreciate all the advice he is giving our son to move in the right direction!
Very useful and highly recommended
Very useful and I can see the improvement with my son. Also the fact that he has not objected to it at any time means he can see the benefits as well. Dean has been great in communicating with us regularly. I enjoy reading his emails.
My son is showing improvements in…
My son is showing improvements in organizational skills and time management. The program emphasizes making small, manageable goals. His coach is great too! He seems to genuinely care and spends time each day working together to build tiny habits.
Thanks so much coach Duncan and Coachbit Team!
We are definitely seeing a change with the young man! He seems less stressed in the mornings which is great for us. Keep doing what you do! We appreciate you all!
Thank you Jonathan
Thank you Jonathan for almost a year of coaching and seeing a big difference in my son's attitude towards school and exams.
Super positive coach!
Our Coachbit coach is patient and upbeat. He is working with our son to establish good personal habits, a little step at a time. We receive timely updates and explanations of the process. It's been a very smooth process so far.
Coach Michelle is awesome!
Michelle has been wonderful to work with and her e-mail updates are helpful and informative!
Affordable, effective and fun!
My son has been coaching with Gray for a few weeks and I absolutely love this program. I'm really keen to see how it will go over a longer period of time. Thanks guys!! This is definitely affordable, effective and fun.
Healthy habits
Kate created a trusted and uplifting connection with our daughter! Coaching was a wonderful process of focusing on building and exercising healthy habits! We definitely recommend Coachbit!
Jonathan updates me on Uhuru's progress…
Jonathan updates me on Uhuru's progress each week and sticks to the programme he is implementing for him.
Baby steps
Michelle has been so helpful so far. Even though we are in the very beginning stages I do see small improvements in overall mood and motivation. Michelle works with Aaron every day to make small changes and keeps us updated with regular updates. We're happy so far.
Robyn is an amazing coach
Robyn is an amazing coach. She is kind and patient and has helped my daughter establish some great new habits.
My daughter transformed into a more positive and organized teenager
Amy has been a great help and support for my daughter. She's helped her think more positively every day and have a workable morning routine. I can't wait for my daughter to be in a higher level and see the ultimate result. Thanks Amy for your amazing work.
Kate is in constant contact
Kate is in constant contact with both my son and I with detailed updates and skill reviews. She is a great asset to any student needing to improve their study skills. Thank you.
I see some changes in Lea that are positive.
I see some changes in Lea that are positive. She is less distracted and challenging. She is still resisting in certain aspects but at least open to listening!
Julie has been great!
Julie has been great! She's really connecting with my son and he is responding very positively. This has made huge forward progress in a very short time.
Wayne is simply amazing with my son
Wayne is simply amazing with my son. He's had such an impact in just over a month of coaching.
Definitely a good investment!
Julie is so positive and engaging. I love the consistency of the daily check ins, the content of the coaching, the humor, and encouragement. My daughter is benefitting already after just one month.
Coachbit has been great for my son…
Coachbit has been great for my 11-year old son. I've noticed improvements in less than 2 weeks. My son sets his alarm for everything. Whether it's to wake up, leave to school, go to bed. He's becoming more independent and I love it.
On point every time... I'm loving this!!!
My son's coach Ken is fabulous; although we've had him for only a couple of weeks; he has managed to strike a positive chord in my son and things ARE getting better. I wish we had started this years ago.
Two weeks in...
Our 15 year old son started coaching with Wayne two weeks ago and it's off to a great start. He enjoys the coaching and is implementing the ideas Wayne is giving him. Each day builds on the day before. We're excited to see where this takes him.
Thank you coach Wayne
Thank you coach Wayne. Because of your consistency and passion, my son is doing extremely well in his tasks including his overall school work and has started the year with a bang. We appreciate you so much please keep it up!
We love Coach Kate!
Coach Kate has helped our daughter regain her love for learning! Kate is so creative and engaging. Our daughter wakes up eager to meet with Kate every morning. As a parent it is a gift to have such a supportive person walking alongside us.
Kate — Positive, Patient and Effective!
Kate has done a great job helping our 15yr old daughter turn poor habits into good ones. I've seen her confidence increase as she racks up a bunch of 'little' wins. This has boosted her attitude. Thank you Kate for also educating parents along the way!
Kate is amazing!
Kate is amazing!! After signing up with Coachbit we didn't know what to expect but to our surprise we noticed a huge improvement to our daughter's behavior. We totally attribute this to my daughter's coach Kate!
I would love to share my experience…
Coach Julie is a great coach. I am thankful to her for her timely meetings with my son every day. I am very hopeful that my son will learn a lot from her. I admire her for her skills and very good education.
Wayne has been a tremendous mentor…
Wayne has been a tremendous mentor to engage with my son at developing tiny habits. He's been working to slowly develop habits that will lead to successful outcomes. I get regular updates from Wayne to ensure I understand what my son is learning.
Two Week Check-up
Our daughter has met with Coach Julie for 2 weeks. So far, so good. She seems able to take on the little steps without any complaint, and I think she enjoys the daily communication with someone outside the house. That's important when you are stuck taking school at home!
Happy parent
Our son is so much more chill, happier in himself.
My children used Coachbit
Coachbit is a very positive and professional organization. My children have benefited from the coaching interaction. As a parent, it is great to get the weekly reports to see what is happening.
We have had prompt and friendly…
We have had prompt and friendly service. Many thanks.
Coaching makes such sense!
Our twins have both found the experience valuable and it prompted them to approach their studies differently. It has been great for me to know that someone is checking in with them regularly. I recommend the app and wish we had begun the process earlier.
I'm impressed with their professionalism.
Wow with Coachbit I got more than I…
With Coachbit I got more than I expected. They have the best service. I am very impressed my son's coach. He has a lot of patience and responds in time to my son's questions. He is not coaching just my son but me too. He helps me to help my son.
Amy is incredibly friendly…
Amy is incredibly friendly, efficient and organized.
Great service!
Support team is very responsive, helpful and professional.

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