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My passion as a Coachbit Coach centers on empowering each individual student to reach their greatest potential. Through engaging, positive, and creative sessions, I foster self-improvement in my students to help them improve themselves holistically. In my coaching sessions, I prioritize creating a safe space for open expression and discussion while instilling the importance of setting achievable weekly goals and fostering resilience. Witnessing my students achieve their objectives and grow in confidence fills me with joy as their Coach. I am guided by the Coachbit core values of striving to become my best self, wanting to achieve great things, and being a strong team member. I embrace the life motto 'Slow and steady wins the race'.

  • TrainingExercising while stressed or anxious can harmonize your mind and body, alleviating stress, elevating energy levels, and promoting overall mental and physical well-being through their interconnected effects
  • CreativityAs a mother to a wonderful three-year-old girl, I enjoy our creative moments together where we paint rocks, sketch pictures, and act out scenes from her favorite movies.
  • DancingI have a deep passion for various dance styles including modern, hip-hop, salsa, tap, and belly dance. For me, dancing is about merging with the music, letting go, and enjoying a unique form of exercise that not only brings joy but also effectively reduces stress and anxiety
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My coaching philosophy centers on consistency as the foundation of success. By maintaining consistency in even the smallest steps, remarkable outcomes can be achieved.

My coaching philosophy is to make learning relatable through my coaching for each student. Every student is unique and deserves tailored teaching that resonates with them, for optimal understanding.

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Tanika S

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My coaching philosophy emphasizes flexibility and adaptability, understanding that what suits one student might not suit another. Prioritizing the needs of my students is paramount in my approach.

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Kimberley M

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My coaching philosophy is founded on encouraging curiosity, and valuing continuous improvement. I strongly believe that success comes from effort, dedication, and a willingness to embrace challenges.

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Justine L

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My coaching philosophy centers on cultivating an empowering, safe, and productive learning environment where each student can feel safe and secure to be themselves and grow.

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