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I am a music graduate from the Campus of Performing Arts. I graduated with distinctions and received student of the year. I am also a TEFL-certified teacher! Being a studio manager, I have learned how to work under pressure and meet deadlines. This role has taught me the advantages of teamwork, as well as heightened my abilities and communication skills. I have developed problem-solving skills that will allow me to look for the most effective solution to a problem. I am an individual that my colleagues, students, and clients can rely on. My hobbies are centered on creativity, as I believe that is the best way to express yourself. I enjoy writing, making cartoons, and digital drawings. In my downtime, I practice yoga and meditation. I also enjoy gaming and watching anime. I will get only along with any student due to my diverse hobbies. I would be an amazing coach to your child because I struggled as a teenager with time management, organization, goals, habits, and structure. However, implementing and becoming knowledgeable about these important skills and techniques have put me on the road to becoming the best version of myself. I also know how difficult it is to form structure and stability in your life. As your child's coach, I will be able to help them develop these tools and techniques which will allow them to become the best version of themselves. I will help them create discipline and self-motivation within themselves. Allow me to help your child better themselves. I guarantee you that I will bring a creative unique perspective.

  • Tishan GovenderGaming, anime and playing soccer/football.
  • NQF4 Sound technology , 2017, Campus of performing arts
  • Diploma in music, 2020, Campus of performing arts
  • Expert International TEFL and TESOL certificate, 2021, Global Language Training
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Gabriela I

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I am a trained teacher and counselor with a passion for learning skills and languages. Together we can take one step each day so that you can thrive in school and life.

Mikaela D

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I have a bachelor’s in psychology and a professional background in behavioral health. I believe compassion is one of the most essential virtues and approach my coaching sessions with warmth, patience, and understanding.

Christian W

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If you want a coach that has been through adversary and still made it out on top, then I am the guy. I am a first-generation graduate who came from a low-income, single-parent, immigrant household and now holds a B.S. in Neuroscience, MBA in Health Service Administration, and M.S. in Medical Science. No hurdle is too hard to overcome, and I'll help you get over it!

My name is Micah John Springleer. I am passionate about community development, education, and humanitarian work with experience working in the non-profit and education sector. My education includes Business Management, Paralegal Practice, Theology, and Philosophy. I help incredible people explore ways to better themselves and prepare for a bright future.

Elizabeth M

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I'm a strong believer that every child has immense potential and that what it takes to reach this potential is understanding, patience, discipline, and support. I look forward to applying my knowledge, patience, and skills, through this valuable platform to assist you and celebrate with you when your potential has been unlocked!

I enjoy assisting people in making changes that will increase their confidence and self-assurance and by building tiny habits each day, your child can build the needed skillset for goal attainment.

Kristina S

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My learning philosophy is my belief in the power of education which can open doors of opportunity, knowledge, and confidence! I am passionate and dedicated to guiding my students toward success. I love planning trips around the world, learning new languages, and finding the comedy and joy in daily life!

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