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I am an enthusiastic educator/coach with ten years of experience teaching subjects as diverse as standard school subjects, college readiness, coding/digital skills, physical education, and even socio-emotional learning. I hold a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and originally hail from New York City. I have taught and coached diverse student populations all over the world and am well versed in a plethora of teaching styles and methodologies. Having worked with many students with special needs over the years I am also skilled at successfully adapting my approach to fit the specific learning needs and styles of each student. Some fun facts about myself: I've lived on three different continents and have seen the world! I speak 4 languages fluently (including Spanish) and in my spare time, I make music! I am passionate about helping students identify their skills and build habits and practices that help them thrive in grade school and beyond. Join me!

  • Vesna StoicoviciMusic and cycling.
  • B.A. Social Justice , , University of British Columbia
  • B.A. Social Justice , 2016, University of British Columbia
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Sinovuyo K

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As a Psychology and Sociology graduate, I am grateful for any opportunity to assist others and add value to their lives. As a coach, I aim to continually nurture and guide my students toward their full potential.

The life of your dreams can be achieved through small habits and routines. It would be an honor to help you get there. I've tutored students and coached them through all sort of academic challenges.

I've been told that I am a swiss army knife in regard to my background and experience. I am a former college athlete with a passion for sports, traveling, and helping individuals and families grow.

Tamika V

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Hi I’m Coach Tamika! I have honors in Psychology.I am passionate about learning development, mental health, and education.As your coach, we will take tiny steps to help you become the best you can be.

Keatin O

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As an English teacher, I have worked in a multicultural environment for 6 years with almost every nationality in the world. My happiness in life comes from the help and guidance I can provide my students towards becoming the best version of themselves.

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