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As a dedicated Coachbit Coach, I am committed to empowering your child to unlock their unique potential and achieve their aspirations. My approach centers on trust, understanding, and creating an environment conducive to growth. I understand that each student's path is unique, so I approach their challenges with empathy and patience, tailoring strategies to their individual needs. I believe that accountability is key to fostering commitment and ensuring success, which is why my goal is to hold your child accountable in affirmative ways so that they can grow and succeed on their own. What I find most rewarding about coaching is learning from each student's unique journey. My core values include a commitment to continuous learning, patience, and the efficient application of effort. My life motto, 'Keep moving forward,' reflects my belief in the power of progress. I look forward to partnering with you to support your child's growth and success on their coaching journey.

  • Learning a new language Over the past month, I have challenged myself to learn a new language and have since started learning Spanish.
  • Hiking I'm lucky enough to live in a beautiful small town that has a forest in the middle of it, which is also a renowned spot for birdwatching. Going on hikes through it and just taking in the beauty of it all is one of my favorite things.
  • Bachelor of Education (Intermediate and Senior Phase), 2016, University Of South Africa
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My coaching philosophy is to make learning relatable through my coaching for each student. Every student is unique and deserves tailored teaching that resonates with them, for optimal understanding.

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Tanika S

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My coaching philosophy emphasizes flexibility and adaptability, understanding that what suits one student might not suit another. Prioritizing the needs of my students is paramount in my approach.

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Kimberley M

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My coaching philosophy is founded on encouraging curiosity, and valuing continuous improvement. I strongly believe that success comes from effort, dedication, and a willingness to embrace challenges.

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Justine L

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My coaching philosophy centers on cultivating an empowering, safe, and productive learning environment where each student can feel safe and secure to be themselves and grow.

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