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Riordan G
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As a former teacher and Principal of a FET college, I am well-versed in the education sector. As such, I have been able to acutely identify that our current education system does not place enough emphasis on nurturing positive working habits and teaching students how to study (not just what to study). I believe that what helps me relate to my students is that I sincerely care about their well-being and work with them to bring out their best. I'm able to truly listen to them and understand their perspective whilst sharing my own and offering insight on a level where they understand and feel understood so that we can put our best foot forward. Coaching is all about the journey and taking one step at a time together. I feel that as a Coach I can bridge this gap and equip students with the right tools and skills needed to reach new heights and sore through their academic journey (and hopefully beyond that). I look forward to using the skills I've honed over the years, to walk by your side, as we journey towards your aspirations and ultimate potential. Always remember that the key to success is consistency and determination.

  • Riordan GovenderBoxing, field sports, hiking, listening to music, reading, poetry, word games/brain teasers, board games
  • Bachelor of Education (Intermediate and Senior Phase), 2016, University Of South Africa
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I am passionate about teaching. I have been teaching for 10 years and I have my master's degree in education. I help students to reach their full potential and encourage them to believe in themselves.

Matthew C

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Psychology Honours graduate and youth leader. A journey is not one giant leap, but rather many small steps. I value living a balanced life and believe that we as humans are continuously developing.

Hello :) I am Nobu and I hold a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree. I am passionate about education and personal development... You should pick me as a coach because I genuinely care and I will always go the extra mile to help!

Tanika S

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I am a passionate teacher/coach with over four years online experience! I love helping others achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves!

Melissa S

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I am a Mother, Certified TEFOL Teacher, and Role Model, Coach. I enjoy helping others and feel that nothing is impossible, the hardest step is always the first step and I dedicate my time and energy to help prepare students personally and professionally so that they can be a "Great Success" in their lives and futures. I look forward to walking this journey with you.

Justine L

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I am a passionate individual who is determined to help others reach their goals and ambitions in life.

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