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Elizabeth M

I'm a dedicated psychology graduate with a passion for nurturing children's development and honing higher executive functioning skills. I firmly believe these skills are crucial for student success in academics, social arenas, and overall mental well-being. As a Coachbit Coach, I am committed to unlocking students' potential through these skills. My approach is founded on empathy, motivation, understanding, and tailored support. What I cherish most about coaching is the opportunity to connect with students, learn from them, and assist them on their path to achieving their goals. My coaching philosophy revolves around accountability, humility, and a continuous willingness to learn, ensuring that I not only guide but also grow alongside my students. My life motto is that “we are all born with great potential and every day is a step closer to reaching that potential.

  • Hiking – For the past 5 years, hiking has transformed into a near-weekly hobby, allowing me to relish South Africa's stunning landscapes and abundant trails. Every hike leaves me feeling triumphant!
  • Community outreach – I engage in outreach missions in remote regions, distributing educational resources to bolster existing systems, providing clothing to those lacking, and offering valuable insights on bursaries, study techniques, and time management to underprivileged students.
  • Word games – Always a winner at Scrabble, any crossword or anagram challenges!
  • Cooking – I make mean stews and peppermint crisp tarts!
  • Traveling – Traveling the world is always an excellent chance to create memories through learning about different cultures, experiencing different climates, appreciating the scenery, and finding good shopping sales.
  • Golden Key international Honours student society , 2015, University of Pretoria
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology , 2019, University of South Africa
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology, Genetics, and Psychology , 2018, University of Pretoria
  • CPR training certificate , , University of Pretoria
  • Visual skills and testing certificate , , University of Pretoria
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Team Lead

Micah S

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My coaching philosophy is based on friendliness, patience, and a passion for personal development. I'm here to help you discover your strengths, tackle weaknesses, and guide you toward your best self.

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Caitlin H

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My coaching philosophy is that believing in yourself is the best way to achieve success. Students need a positive mindset and trust in themselves to reach their goals.

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Viktoriia O

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I inspire students to view challenges as valuable learning opportunities. I believe in the power of knowledge and using each day as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

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Riordan G

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My coaching philosophy centers on consistency as the foundation of success. By maintaining consistency in even the smallest steps, remarkable outcomes can be achieved.

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Gabriela I

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My coaching philosophy is rooted in guiding students to pursue their passions and innate talents. I prioritize building a strong rapport to develop trust and offer a safe, supportive space for growth.

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