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As a Coachbit Coach, my coaching journey has been defined by my commitment to identifying and addressing the specific needs of each student to help them achieve their goals. Extensive travel experiences have broadened my understanding of people from diverse backgrounds, allowing me to appreciate the uniqueness of each student's challenges and tailor my support accordingly. In my role as a Coachbit coach, I approach every student with patience and a genuine desire to understand their needs. I find great joy in building connections with students and exploring their interests and hobbies. My core values—Family, Self-improvement, and Kindness—serve as the foundation of my life. If I had to choose a life motto, it would be 'Do your best with what you have.' This motto reflects my unwavering dedication to helping students make the most of their potential and resources. Let's work together to empower your child on their journey of growth and success.

  • Web developmentI started learning web development in 2021 when the pandemic started - I really enjoy it as it challenges my thinking and enhances my mental development.
  • Photography In 2017 I started watching YouTube videos about photography and bought my first camera.
  • Reading Immersing yourself in books transports you to a different world filled with the vast knowledge they offer.
  • specialist diploma/International commerce , 2015, Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law
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I believe intentional choices drive incredible results. I'm dedicated to guiding individuals on their growth journey through personalized support and creative problem-solving.

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Caitlin H

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My coaching philosophy is that believing in yourself is the best way to achieve success. Students need a positive mindset and trust in themselves to reach their goals.

My coaching philosophy is based on friendliness, patience, and a passion for personal development. I'm here to help you discover your strengths, tackle weaknesses, and guide you toward your best self.

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Elizabeth M

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I believe the keystones for transforming skills into ingrained habits are to practice patience, provide clarity, and support foundational understanding for each student I coach.

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Gabriela I

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My coaching philosophy is rooted in guiding students to pursue their passions and innate talents. I prioritize building a strong rapport to develop trust and offer a safe, supportive space for growth.

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