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After graduating from university and receiving my degree in international commerce I went to explore the world. I worked on a ship for a few years and this experience gave me the ability not only to communicate with people of different nationalities but also to be flexible, lead the team, and make decisions under stressful conditions. It also showed me that nothing is impossible and there is always a solution to all problems. Another incredible experience that I had while working on a ship was the ability to listen. Sometimes all we need is to be understood. I think that the ability to hear and listen is ideal for working as a Coach. In my free time, I enjoy coding and I have recently received my diploma in web development. I am driven by the passion to work and learn while I work. Each day offers a new opportunity to develop myself and further my skills. This is the mindset I take with me into coaching, I find that my drive to reach goals is a great example to students who have their own goals in life. My experience in setting out what needs to be done and how to achieve my dreams in tiny steps will have a great benefit to the students. Once they understand the power of tiny steps it's not to change their mind but simply show them their true potential of how powerful the mind is once good habits are built and organization comes into play. I find that the best improvement is when the passion for self-improvement is discovered. I am your guide to that amazing discovery.

  • Viktoriia O'neilMovies, photography, web-development.
  • specialist diploma/International commerce , 2015, Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law
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Robyn O

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I am committed to helping students grow and develop in a way that fosters success. My goal is to relieve some of the burdens parents face and help students gain the skills to become their best self!

Elizabeth C

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I have a degree in Psychology and a certificate in International School Counseling. I spent four years working as a dorm parent and educator, and I’m passionate about helping students

I am an artist, writer, adventurer, athlete, and animal lover with a passion for learning and making each day better than the last. My goal is to use creative thinking skills and help students develop habits of success.

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