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I'm obsessed with rewriting my models of reality, transformational learning, and upgrading my systems for a living, and these unique interests helped me and my 281 teacher coachees enjoy a rewarding career as online teachers, as well as my 935 online students and their parents blossom beyond my wildest expectations. I've always had a passion for getting my coachees the highest level results because I enjoy taking consistent action until I see how my actions have improved my life and my coachees' lives and I feel accomplished when I see them succeed. Rather than fixing problems, I believe in creating solutions that my coachees can proactively seize as opportunities for growth and transformation. Having always held the limiting belief that we must work harder rather than smarter, my students and their parents went from feeling powerless to empowered once I helped them gain clarity on their children’s learning goals, develop a plan of action, and take consistent daily action! 🔥🤓🚀 So let me help guide you on this empowering path.

  • Jonathan LeclercI like running, board games, bird watching, movies, music, hiking, camping, traveling, being around water, reading, yoga/mindfulness, meditation, EFT Tapping, breathwork, playing
  • High School Diploma, 2005, St-Maxime Secondary School
  • Diploma of College Studies in General Social Science, 2009, Dawson College
  • Bachelor of Arts Honors in Psychology, 2014, Concordia University
  • Master of Science in Marketing (Consumer Psychology), 2020, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University
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Everything that I have coached my students, I have coached myself as well. I can say with confidence that habit and routine has changed my life, and I hope to do the same for my students as well.

I am passionate about guiding students to reach their goals by helping them tap into their potential. My hobbies include running, practicing yoga, and meditation.

Majoring in Communication has shown me that in community, all is possible. By encouraging perseverance and goal-oriented thinking, I will walk with you and your child to help reach their potential.

Jonathan v

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As your coach, I have one goal that I wish to fulfill as best I can: To guide you to becoming the person you aim to be.

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