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I am a psychology honors graduate. I completed a Bachelor of Sciences undergraduate degree majoring in Human Physiology, Genetics, and Psychology. I am also a member of the Golden Key International Honors Society. Through the theoretical and practical aspects of my studies, I developed a deep passion for child development and higher executive functioning. I am a strong believer that higher executive functioning skills are the most important tools needed to succeed in many aspects of life; such as academics, and social and mental skills. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, listening to music (especially country music), cooking, dancing, and organizing events. I am so excited to coach you through a platform that also believes that enhancing your higher executive functioning skills can unlock so much success and potential in you. I look forward to getting to know you, as well as embarking on this coaching journey with you, and helping you to succeed in all your goals through tiny steps. Being coached by me is an amazing experience filled with empathy, motivation, understanding, support, and an experience that will be tailored to your needs. Regardless of where and what challenges you may be starting with us, I look forward to walking the journey with you, from introduction to success, and celebrating every milestone with you!

  • Elizabeth MapundaTraveling, listening to music, cooking and baking, and dancing (hobbies) Children, cars (features internally and externally, not performance), interior design, and clothing.
  • Golden Key international Honours student society , 2015, University of Pretoria
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology , 2019, University of South Africa
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology, Genetics, and Psychology , 2018, University of Pretoria
  • CPR training certificate , , University of Pretoria
  • Visual skills and testing certificate , , University of Pretoria
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Ziggy B

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I enjoy assisting people in making changes that will increase their confidence and self-assurance and by building tiny habits each day, your child can build the needed skillset for goal attainment.

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Kristina S

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My learning philosophy is my belief in the power of education which can open doors of opportunity, knowledge, and confidence! I am passionate and dedicated to guiding my students toward success. I love planning trips around the world, learning new languages, and finding the comedy and joy in daily life!

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Gabriela I

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I am a trained teacher and counselor with a passion for learning skills and languages. Together we can take one step each day so that you can thrive in school and life.

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