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My experience as an English teacher in foreign countries as well as over 6 years working and traveling globally has provided a rounded, yet grounded approach to my Coaching. This vast multi-cultural immersion has created a refined set of interpersonal skills - I know how to work with anybody from anywhere no matter the problem. With my natural problem-solving mindset I believe there is always a solution and I am the gear in the factory that allows it to produce the maximum output. I have a diagnosis of ADHD and I understand that sometimes tasks seem impossible as if looking at a mountain. I am the guide showing you every step towards conquering the peak of your summit and placing the flag of completion and satisfaction on top. My hobbies include photography, photoshop, and listening to music.

  • Keatin O'NeilMindfulness, reading, spending time with family.
  • TEFL , 2018,
  • STCW 95 , 2021, Grindrod
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Sinovuyo K

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As a Psychology and Sociology graduate, I am grateful for any opportunity to assist others and add value to their lives. As a coach, I aim to continually nurture and guide my students toward their full potential.

The life of your dreams can be achieved through small habits and routines. It would be an honor to help you get there. I've tutored students and coached them through all sort of academic challenges.

I've been told that I am a swiss army knife in regard to my background and experience. I am a former college athlete with a passion for sports, traveling, and helping individuals and families grow.

Tamika V

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Hi I’m Coach Tamika! I have honors in Psychology.I am passionate about learning development, mental health, and education.As your coach, we will take tiny steps to help you become the best you can be.

I am an enthusiastic educator and coach with over ten years of experience. I am passionate about helping students build habits and practices that help them thrive in grade school and beyond!

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