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Keatin O

As a coach with nearly two years of experience, I've embraced the uniqueness of each student's journey, recognizing that shared goals may require tailored approaches based on individual challenges. My strength lies in identifying and addressing these obstacles collaboratively with my students, empowering them to not only meet their goals but also apply newfound skills to various life challenges. I derive immense satisfaction from witnessing their transformation and growth. My coaching is grounded in these three core values: Understanding, Patience, and Perseverance. My life motto is “Understanding the situation, exercising patience amidst difficulties, and persisting until goals are achieved”.

  • TravelingAt the age of 18, I embarked on my travel journey by joining a cruise liner, which I continued for 6 years, enabling me to explore 58 countries across the globe.
  • FoodI love food and trying different cuisines from around the world (I just wish I could cook as well)
  • Speaking to peopleThrough my travels, I discovered a deep affection for connecting with people from all corners of the world, relishing the opportunity to engage with them, learn about their life stories, and forge meaningful connections.
  • TEFL , 2018,
  • STCW 95 , 2021, Grindrod
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Robyn O

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I am dedicated to nurturing students' growth and fostering their path to success. My aim is to alleviate the challenges parents face while equipping students with skills to become their best selves.

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Elizabeth C

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Rapport-building and asking questions are integral to my coaching approach. Only through understanding what hinders students from achieving their goals can we effectively establish healthy habits.

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Ayesha T

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Education extends the confines of textbooks. I am dedicated to nurturing the holistic development of my students through creativity, strengthening life skills, and unlocking their full potential.

My coaching philosophy centers on empowering students to shape their destinies through independent decision-making and stepping outside of their comfort zones for maximum growth.

My coaching philosophy centers on embracing open-mindedness and nurturing a growth mindset within students, empowering them to overcome feelings of stagnation, lack of motivation, or discouragement.

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