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As a dedicated Coachbit Coach, I've learned that coaching goes beyond just instruction—it's about understanding students' unique needs and adapting to their lives. In each coaching session, I create an environment for open dialogue. I attempt to tailor each student’s coaching journey to fit their unique circumstances. Sharing my past experiences as a student-athlete who had a busy schedule, allows me to connect with students, reassuring them that they're not alone. What I love most about coaching is that I'm constantly learning alongside my students. Each day brings something new for me and my students to learn, from school work to sports skills, to work responsibilities. Guiding each student towards healthier routines is both rewarding and enriching. Patience, honesty, and kindness are the foundations of my life. 'Everything works out the way it's supposed to' guides my journey. Let's work together to nurture your child's growth and resilience.

  • Tennis – I started playing during my freshman year of high school and continued to work hard and practice all throughout college and I still play to this day.
  • Hiking/walking – I've always been quite active, but during quarantine, I decided to keep myself busy and get fresh air by walking around my neighborhood or finding local hiking trails to explore.
  • Creating – Although my degree and field of study are in graphic design, I try not to limit myself to one creative activity; I love painting, drawing, collaging, photography, and more!
  • Writing/Reading – As my second field of study, I really enjoy creative writing and reading to help me process my thoughts, gain ideas, and explore new worlds.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts with a focus on Digital Art and Creative Writing, 2021, The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
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I am dedicated to nurturing students' growth and fostering their path to success. My aim is to alleviate the challenges parents face while equipping students with skills to become their best selves.

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Elizabeth C

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Rapport-building and asking questions are integral to my coaching approach. Only through understanding what hinders students from achieving their goals can we effectively establish healthy habits.

My coaching philosophy centers on empowering students to shape their destinies through independent decision-making and stepping outside of their comfort zones for maximum growth.

As a Coachbit Coach, my coaching philosophy is to actively engage with each student to identify areas for improvement or strengths they wish to enhance, so they can better reach their goals.

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