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Balancing school, sports, friends, family, and your general well-being can be challenging, but as your coach, I will work with you to develop healthy, successful habits. With a degree in digital art and writing, I am excited to connect with students on a creative and educational level. I've learned how to use my creative thinking skills in everyday situations and would love to pass that knowledge down. In school, I was a member of the track and tennis teams which taught me how to juggle the responsibilities of school and sports. Before starting to coach, I worked at a community park during my summer home from college where I connected with children of all ages. Aside from school and sports, I love baking, painting, listening to music and podcasts, hiking, and playing with my dog!

  • Jess JordanTennis (or sports in general), art (painting, drawing, photography, graphic design) writing, reading, baking, hiking, mindfulness, music and podcasts, animals, movies (specifically horror/thrillers).
  • Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts with a focus on Digital Art and Creative Writing, 2021, The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
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Robyn O

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I am committed to helping students grow and develop in a way that fosters success. My goal is to relieve some of the burdens parents face and help students gain the skills to become their best self!

Elizabeth C

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I have a degree in Psychology and a certificate in International School Counseling. I spent four years working as a dorm parent and educator, and I’m passionate about helping students

Viktoriia O

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Nothing is impossible without effort, discipline, and desire. Having visited more than 50 countries and lived in several cities, traveling allowed me to grow so let’s grow and walk this path together.

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