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Caitlin H

As a Coachbit Coach, my priority is understanding and connecting with students. Studying Psychology for 4 years has deepened my insights into human minds, habits, and routines. Transitioning to Coachbit felt natural due to my alignment with this field. Self-improvement is my passion, and I've personally reaped the benefits of positive habits and discipline in my own life. My interest in self-improvement has led me to want to help students gain these skills earlier in life than I did, so that they may see the benefits early on in their lives. Coaching is about unlocking students' hidden potential, which truly excites me. I'm driven by kindness, honest communication, and pursuing joy. My life motto is 'To live for the hope of it all.' Let's embark on a journey of positive change together!

  • ReadingMy parents are big readers so I have been reading from a very young age. I love going into new worlds and seeing different perspectives. I also love to share my love of reading with family and friends.
  • Baking I have a major sweet tooth and I find baking to be so enjoyable. It is super satisfying when a baked good turns out just right. Again, I love to bake with others because it just adds to the fun.
  • SewingGrowing up my mom taught me a few basic sewing skills on her machine and I loved the idea of being able to make your own clothes. I was recently gifted my own sewing machine for my birthday and since then I have been working on growing my sewing skills.
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Ziggy B

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I believe intentional choices drive incredible results. I'm dedicated to guiding individuals on their growth journey through personalized support and creative problem-solving.

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Viktoriia O

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I inspire students to view challenges as valuable learning opportunities. I believe in the power of knowledge and using each day as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

My coaching philosophy is based on friendliness, patience, and a passion for personal development. I'm here to help you discover your strengths, tackle weaknesses, and guide you toward your best self.

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Elizabeth M

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I believe the keystones for transforming skills into ingrained habits are to practice patience, provide clarity, and support foundational understanding for each student I coach.

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Gabriela I

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My coaching philosophy is rooted in guiding students to pursue their passions and innate talents. I prioritize building a strong rapport to develop trust and offer a safe, supportive space for growth.

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