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Duncan K

I am a qualified Youth Pastor and Sports Coach and I have been working alongside children and teens now for 8 years. I have counseled hundreds of different students, from all backgrounds and struggles. I have been a motivational speaker at many different schools as well as a Biblical counselor. Some of my interests are rugby, ministry, PlayStation, and wrestling. My hobbies include playing rugby wrestling as well as doing carpentry. In school, I played rugby, soccer, hockey, mixed martial arts, judo, squash, swimming, tennis, boxing, and cricket. And a fun fact: I am a massive extrovert! Growing up I was that student, which was easily distracted and struggled throughout school because of my work ethic and procrastination. I cannot imagine how much easier it would have been to break those habits if I had someone alongside me to help me with that process. My goal for you and your child is to not only help them with their skills and learning habits but to also motivate them, to help them realize their potential and reach their goals.

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  • Bachelor's of Theology, ,
  • , 2019, Bible Institute of South Africa (BISA)
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Sydney R

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My coaching philosophy is that everyone deserves to become the best version of themselves. I'm here to help you do just that through trust, teamwork, and open communication.

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Matthew C

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I’m a firm believer in building momentum through small victories. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be consistent. This has proved to me that big success can be fueled by small wins.

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Michelle L

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I’m a former therapist guiding student success as a Coachbit Coach with personalized focus on self-esteem and motivation. My coaching approach is to find solutions for each unique student.

My coaching philosophy is, “The only person you need to be better than is who you were yesterday.” Comparison is the thief of joy, so find and allow the best parts of yourself grow and shine!

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