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Sydney R
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Cultivating connections and igniting growth - that's my passion as a Coachbit Coach. With a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Behavioral Science, I understand human behavior and thought processes deeply. My empathetic and attentive nature, along with strong listening skills, enable me to step into each of my students' shoes in order to truly comprehend their needs and engage meaningfully with them. Witnessing students achieve their goals fills me with joy and satisfaction. Family is one of my core values. My family’s well-being is my daily commitment. I also strongly believe in the value of creativity. I know that everyone has their own unique creative spark waiting to be ignited. Compassion is another cornerstone of my life; we never truly know another person’s struggles, making it vital to extend kindness whenever possible. Building connections with my students and aiding them in reaching their goals brings me immense joy. As a Coachbit Coach, setting and achieving goals with my students is the most fulfilling journey. My life motto, 'No Day But Today,' encapsulates my coaching approach. Let's embark on a journey of growth together!

  • Games – Family game nights with board games and card games!
  • Journaling – Writing and Scrapbooking, especially after a long day.
  • Music – I was in choir for about 9 years and in a couple musicals, so music has always had a special place in my heart. I am always listening to music, watching musicals, going to concerts, or singing along to something.
  • Writing – I have always enjoyed writing, it's one of the things I do when I am feeling stressed out. I used to write poetry, but more recently have focused on writing narrative stories.
  • Watching movies – I love watching movies with my family and friends. Anything from musicals, to thrillers, to love stories.
  • Traveling – I enjoy traveling wherever I can. I still have a lot of places to cross off my bucket list, but whenever there is an opportunity for me to travel I am going to take it!
  • Baking – I wouldn't say I am the best baker out there, but I do make a mean red velvet cupcake.
  • BA Communication, 2019, Ohio University
  • BS Behavioral Science, 2021, Bellevue University
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Matthew C

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I’m a firm believer in building momentum through small victories. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be consistent. This has proved to me that big success can be fueled by small wins.

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Michelle L

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I’m a former therapist guiding student success as a Coachbit Coach with personalized focus on self-esteem and motivation. My coaching approach is to find solutions for each unique student.

My coaching philosophy is, “The only person you need to be better than is who you were yesterday.” Comparison is the thief of joy, so find and allow the best parts of yourself grow and shine!

With a Bachelor's degree in Theology, I have a passion for students of all ages, helping them grow in all areas of life, and watching them achieve their goals in areas I wish I had help in.

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