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I'm here to guide each student on a journey of growth. Like many teenagers, I was challenged with time management, staying organized, setting goals, maintaining habits in my life. However, implementing and becoming knowledgeable about these important skills and techniques has put me on the road to becoming the best version of myself by creating structure and stability. In my previous experience working in the creative music industry, I had the opportunity to continue improving my organization and time management skills. As a Coachbit Coach, I empower each student with discipline, motivation, and structure. I've walked their path and can relate to their journey. Each student is unique, and my joy is helping them discover their potential. Honesty, accountability, and discipline are my three core values. Together, let's make a positive change by embodying my life motto, which is, ”'Be the change you wish to see in the world”'🌟

  • Anime
  • Playing piano – This was a skill I particularly wanted to learn to benefit my music knowledge but slowly fell in love with it on my learning journey.
  • Kickboxing – I started kickboxing a year ago as I wanted to challenge myself both mentally and physically as well as have a fun and engaging way to stay in shape.
  • Gaming – For me, this is my favorite stress reliever and the ideal way to spend my downtime.
  • NQF4 Sound technology , 2017, Campus of performing arts
  • Diploma in music, 2020, Campus of performing arts
  • Expert International TEFL and TESOL certificate, 2021, Global Language Training
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My coaching philosophy is to make learning relatable through my coaching for each student. Every student is unique and deserves tailored teaching that resonates with them, for optimal understanding.

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My coaching philosophy is founded on encouraging curiosity, and valuing continuous improvement. I strongly believe that success comes from effort, dedication, and a willingness to embrace challenges.

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