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Tanika S

I excel as a coach by not only guiding students toward healthier routines and habits but also by forming personal connections to tailor my support to their unique needs. Patience, dedication, empathy, passion, and a love for forging new connections define my approach to coaching students. I foster open communication, even offering wellness days for candid discussions. Prior to coaching, my experience as an online English teacher granted me a global perspective, enriching my ability to assist others in crucial life aspects. I bring my own life experiences to sessions, fortified by strong communication skills and a shared journey. Witnessing students attain their goals and establish transformative routines is my ultimate reward. My core values that I live by are Kindness, Honesty, and Gratitude. The life motto that I follow is: 'Don't let others define you and your success'.

  • Cooking – During lockdown I decided to try out a few recipes I had come across and discovered that I have a passion for food and different flavors.
  • Writing – I've always found solace in writing; from my school days to the present, it's been a means to express myself and cope with life's ups and downs, with journaling as my go-to during both good and challenging times.
  • Organizing – I enjoy organizing everything from cupboards to my workspace, using lists to keep track, as a tidy environment brings me a sense of relief and happiness, enhancing my focus and productivity.
  • Spending time with friends and family – Spending time with family has always been my cherished pastime. I treasure creating lasting memories with friends and family, often gathering for a South African 'braai,' our version of a barbecue.
  • Walking – I have three dogs that I adore going on walks with especially during the colder months of the year because I absolutely love cold weather!
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Sa-eedah T

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Every student is unique, and so is their set of challenges. As a Coachbit coach, my responsibility is to understand each student and strategize solutions which specifically work for them.

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Chantel S

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I am a Psychology Masters Graduate, with a year of tutoring experience. I help the curriculum department at Coachbit write and research new and exciting modules for coaching!

I am a UCT graduate with a passion for coaching. I am fun, easy going, and will be here for all your coaching needs! I'll bring a fun approach to our sessions and can't wait to get started!

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Kathryn R

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I'm a PhD Graduate in History with experience in tutoring at a high-school and university level. I'm a writer at heart and love translating big ideas into small meaningful nuggets of information.

My schooling journey could be characterized by high pressure and high performance, but I only unlocked my true potential and passions with a more holistic approach to life. As a former student-athlete, I understand the challenges faced by those with too much on their plates, and I would love to walk alongside them.

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Nathaniel C

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My aim is to be an authentic and attentive guide to students while leading them towards acknowledging their capacity for growth, and empowering them to set and achieve their personal goals.

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Celeste S

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I believe that the curious minds of the next generation need to be nurtured and guided to reach their full potential. I have tutored students before and am very passionate about working with students to enable them to reach their goals.

Psychology & Coaching Science Graduate/Business Development I am a highly enthusiastic and engaging person, who loves to help develop and empower others into the best versions of themselves!

I am passionate about guiding students to reach their goals by helping them tap into their potential. My hobbies include running, practicing yoga, and meditation.

Focusing on guiding students in a journey of small yet mighty steps, tailored to their unique personality and skill set. By working hard, I know we can achieve the desired results.

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Kristina S

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My learning philosophy is my belief in the power of education which can open doors of opportunity, knowledge, and confidence! I am passionate and dedicated to guiding my students toward success. I love planning trips around the world, learning new languages, and finding the comedy and joy in daily life!

Want to thrive in life? Start each day by changing one small behavior. I will help you to develop the right lifestyle and study behaviors that are fundamentally important and that are proven to work. With over a year's experience at Coachbit, I have the tools and knowledge to guide you to your full potential.

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