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Kathryn R

I've spent the last ten years in an academic environment up until the recent completion of my Ph.D. Along the way, I faced first-hand the struggles of lacking self-discipline and motivation. I know what it feels like to be frustrated and feel helpless in my studies. These obstacles forced me to research and learn an array of life and study skills which made the process of learning much smoother. Had I known these sooner in life, I'd have saved myself a lot of wasted time. Some of these skills I learned in other areas of life - my love for triathlon and competitive sports taught me a huge amount about self-discipline and habit formation. I was beyond proud of myself when I crossed the finish line of my first Iron Man in 2021. It was an achievement that was as much about physical health as it was about mental health. As a Coach, it brings me so much joy to stand alongside a child and support them from their first steps in the journey to their metaphorical finish line.

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Regan H

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I am passionate about living a balanced life, and I look forward to helping my students build the skills that I know from experience can lead to a more productive, happy, and balanced life.

Chantel S

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I am a Psychology Masters Graduate, with a year of tutoring experience. I help the curriculum department at Coachbit write and research new and exciting modules for coaching!

Andrew W

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I am an expert in learning and behavior design. I have spent over 15 years as an executive and personal coach.

I am a recent UCT graduate with a passion for coaching. I am fun, easy going, and will be here for all your coaching needs! I'll bring a fun approach to our sessions and can't wait to get started!

Johann M

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My schooling journey could be characterized by high pressure and high performance, but I only unlocked my true potential and passions with a more holistic approach to life. As a former student-athlete, I understand the challenges faced by those with too much on their plates, and I would love to walk alongside them.

Psychology & Coaching Science Graduate/Business Development I am a highly enthusiastic and engaging person, who loves to help develop and empower others into the best versions of themselves!

Pierre d

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I have nearly 2 decades of experience in people development and learning, I care deeply about people becoming better people and doing their best work.

As a Masters's graduate with a specialized Organizational Psychology focus, I am able to help students reach their full potential as they reflect, learn and grow from their experiences. Let me help you create your unique path towards your ultimate future self.

Want to thrive in life? Start each day by changing one small behavior. I will help you to develop the right lifestyle and study behaviors that are fundamentally important and that are proven to work. With over a year's experience at Coachbit, I have the tools and knowledge to guide you to your full potential.

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