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Build good habits in tiny steps with a coach. Don't let ADHD hold your child back.

15 minutes a day
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Succeed in school & life
For ages 11+
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Is ADHD holding your child back?

Are you struggling to know how to help them?

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Worried ADHD will limit their future?

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Can't focus

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Difficulty following instructions

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Disorganized and in chaos

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Grades are dropping

Get a coach & help your child transform their habits

Less stress. Better grades. Happy kids.

Your child will build habits to:

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Become organized

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Strengthen their focus

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Manage a schedule

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Pursue goals and plan ahead

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Study a little every day

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Manage pressure and stress


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How ADHD Coaching Works

Build skills the right way: through habits.

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Your child gets one step
from their coach each day

Building habits and skills requires daily practice (weekly won't work).

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The steps are designed
to form habits

The steps are ADHD friendly and are easy to stick to

Mobile phone with Coachbit application. The tasks tab is selected, showing 5 tasks. The first task is completed, 'Work on History Essay'. The other tasks still to do are: 'Maths homework, Study for Science Test, Study for Chemistry Test, and Take science project materials'.

We help them use tools
and create systems

Your child doesn't need more information. They need structure.

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You should buy Coachbit, it's worth it
Coachbit has been transformational for our son! He is 11, has ADHD, and needed to work on many executive functioning needs... I am genuinely amazed (and delighted) by how much progress he has made.
Very happy mom!
My daughter is following your Morning routine!! She previously had NO helpful routines in her day. Her class grades are up, also 100 on her midterm!! Besides myself, dad, psychologist, psychiatrist, high school and college ADHD specialists-no one has been able to get through to her until now. Mom is thrilled-keep it up.
Improved school and home life
Coach Riordan has been instrumental in improving not only my 10 year old son's school life, but our home life as well. My son struggles with ADHD and the daily tiny tasks assist him to break down what can sometimes be insurmountable chores for him. My sons finds the platform easy to use and looks forward to his coaching session each day, and has not yet grown bored of it after almost 2 years.
Amazing Progress in 1 month
No more missing assignments, all grades in the 90s, and getting to school is super easy with the new morning routine. Can't recommend it highly enough.
We are just loving Coachbit
I wake up and find the kids up before me, clean bedrooms. I can see they are becoming more responsible and doing things because they have a sense of ownership rather than being asked to.
My daughter was barely passing
My daughter was barely passing her grades and had a very negative outlook on life. Just 6 months of Coachbit assisted her to focus and thrive. It has been a year since she completed her coaching, but the good habits stuck.
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Kids šŸ’— Coachbit

Real reviews from our students

I'm more structured
ā€œMy desk is neat and tidy; it helps me focus.ā€
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I'm able to plan
ā€œIt has allowed me to plan my day so I can be most productiveā€
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9th Grade

I know how to focus
ā€œThe focus sessions has helped to have less work to catch up onā€
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8th Grade

I'm more efficient
ā€œI get started on my homework faster and concentrate faster.ā€
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9th Grade

I'm better prepared
ā€œIā€™m calm and not in a rush in the morning.ā€
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7th Grade

I'm more organized
ā€œIā€™m more organized and not all over the place!ā€
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9th Grade


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