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Ziggy B
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Throughout my career I have worked within direct sales as a training manager, developing & training over 150 people and helping them build their skillsets in sales and goal setting daily. I believe that setting small goals accompanied by positive habits is key to accomplishment. My mentor always tells me, 'the best way to eat an elephant is in bite-size' & this has been a mantra that has helped me develop myself and eventually grow myself. Over the last four years, I have strived to increase my achievement and build my expertise to become a self-taught graphic designer. Continually learning is one thing we cannot live without, regardless of the field you are in or aspire to be in. In my life, I apply this in all areas, from my career to my personal life and it is my driving force to become better. I love to work with people and help them achieve their goals. I believe that some people are great at hiding their potential, so that is why I am here to help you find it! As your child's coach, I aim to help them find their talent to open the door to possibilities. Using Coachbit's platform, we can get them to a fulfilling level of achievement, allowing your child individual mentoring, coaching, & guidance services to be able to nurture them with techniques and skills using its proven and effective system.

  • Ziggy BongaMusic, Content creation, Art & NFTs
  • Online certificate, Marketing/Marketing Management, 2019, edX
  • Online Certificate, Introduction to User Experience Design, 2022, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Google Professional Certification, UX Design , 2023, Coursera
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An experienced project manager and passionate psychology student who believes that with good communication, consistency, and the right attitude, one can achieve great things.

Christian W

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If you want a coach that has been through adversary and still made it out on top, then I am the guy. I am a first-generation graduate who came from a low-income, single-parent, immigrant household and now holds a B.S. in Neuroscience, MBA in Health Service Administration, and M.S. in Medical Science. No hurdle is too hard to overcome, and I'll help you get over it!

Justin P

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Everything that I have coached my students, I have coached myself as well. I can say with confidence that habit and routine has changed my life, and I hope to do the same for my students as well.

Elizabeth M

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I'm a strong believer that every child has immense potential and that what it takes to reach this potential is understanding, patience, discipline, and support. I look forward to applying my knowledge, patience, and skills, through this valuable platform to assist you and celebrate with you when your potential has been unlocked!

Kristina S

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My learning philosophy is my belief in the power of education which can open doors of opportunity, knowledge, and confidence! I am passionate and dedicated to guiding my students toward success. I love planning trips around the world, learning new languages, and finding the comedy and joy in daily life!

Gabriela I

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I am a trained teacher and counselor with a passion for learning skills and languages. Together we can take one step each day so that you can thrive in school and life.

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