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Ziggy B
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As a Coachbit Coach I am dedicated to unlocking students' potential and fostering growth. One of my greatest strengths is that I bring a flair for creative problem-solving to every student’s journey. With a background in leading large teams in direct sales, I have learned to emphasize achievable goals and positive habits with every student I mentor. Using creativity from my design and music passions, I create engaging coaching experiences that foster rapport and tailored guidance. Through strategic decisions and personalized coaching, I empower students to embrace their potential, conquer challenges, and embark on transformative journeys. Witnessing each student’s growth at Coachbit is incredibly rewarding. I'm guided by values like embracing a student mentality and a positive outlook. My life motto is "We are limitless, Embrace it!" 🚀

  • Graphic DesignI'm a self-taught graphic designer, and I love creating visually appealing designs that convey meaningful messages.
  • Music Production I have a passion for creating music, and I find joy in composing melodies and experimenting with different sounds.
  • Gaming I enjoy immersing myself in the virtual world of Skyrim, where I embark on epic adventures and explore fantastical landscapes, all while honing my strategic thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Online certificate, Marketing/Marketing Management, 2019, edX
  • Online Certificate, Introduction to User Experience Design, 2022, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Google Professional Certification, UX Design , 2023, Coursera
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Caitlin H

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My coaching philosophy is that believing in yourself is the best way to achieve success. Students need a positive mindset and trust in themselves to reach their goals.

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Viktoriia O

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I inspire students to view challenges as valuable learning opportunities. I believe in the power of knowledge and using each day as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

My coaching philosophy is based on friendliness, patience, and a passion for personal development. I'm here to help you discover your strengths, tackle weaknesses, and guide you toward your best self.

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Elizabeth M

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I believe the keystones for transforming skills into ingrained habits are to practice patience, provide clarity, and support foundational understanding for each student I coach.

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Gabriela I

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My coaching philosophy is rooted in guiding students to pursue their passions and innate talents. I prioritize building a strong rapport to develop trust and offer a safe, supportive space for growth.

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