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Rob S

Hello my name is Rob Swan, I have the knowledge and experience of what we do every day. When I was 15 years old I was the kid who never made his bed, cleaned his room, studied or generally did any time management. At 16 I starting teaching myself how do change of all of this, which came out in my degrees and life, and now I help other's do what we all have to learn - how to take ownership of our days and make every day count . With over a year's experience of coaching, my own skills have been transformed and I have seen students from all walks of life take hold of what Coachbit offers and start to fly. One student could not structure his time, now he is telling his teacher what time boxing is and why it is so helpful. Do you also want to climb your mount Everest? Maybe it is time management, studying, focus, morning and evening routines, and device and gaming time, whatever it is. Let’s take that first step together. See you soon!

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Michelle L

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My previous experience has equipped me with skills or knowledge which enable me to help you and or your child unlock and reach their full potential. Registered counsellor(CCSA 2013)

I have always found happiness in helping others and I hope to use the skills and knowledge I have gained to change the lives of others and optimize conditions for personal growth.

Tamika V

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My name is Tamika, I have a degree in Communication Science and Psychology and Honours in Psychology. I am passionate about helping people. My experience is with tutoring students. I would be a great coach as I am always willing to help by making sure we work together as a team to ensure the best possible results :)

Michelle M

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I am an Industrial Psychology graduate and during my school years, I have helped students reach their academic goals as I am passionate about the wellbeing of students and helping them develop by fostering personal development. I assist students the way they need to be assisted as I understand that one needs to be coached in a way that is best suited for them.

Ayesha T

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I am a Honours Psychology graduate who is passionate about promoting a holistic learning environment that fosters students unique learning capabilities and motivates them to excel in both their academic and social life!

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