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In an ever evolving and engaging world, the demands and influences found within student life are ever-increasing. As a result of this, the incidence of students becoming anxious and depressed is increasing at an alarming rate, among many mental health challenges. It can also be observed that students are facing challenges with engaging learning material and implementing healthy and conducive habits on a daily basis, furthermore, students are struggling with self-identity and adopting a feeling of belonging within a social setting. These issues should not be looked at in isolation, as they all contribute significantly to each other and end up defining a student’s experience. It is imperative that these issues are monitored and addressed, and I believe I have the ability to work with you and your child to achieve that. My personal student life has been a journey that has enabled me to face the challenges of the modern world and achieve the goals I have set consistently. Within my Highschool career, which I completed at Saint Stithians Boys’ College in Johannesburg, a few notable accolades are a National senior certificate – Bachelor’s degree pass, Head of house prefect, Langman Trophy for best head of house, Collins House Fellowship award, Collins house – House masters award, Collins house mentorship award, Rotary international – Interact club member as well as serving Student representative council, all of which while playing Basketball, Rugby and athletics at A team and 1st team level. My university life commenced at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg with my admittance to a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Law and Psychology, in which I am in the final year of completing. A notable accolade in conjunction with a consistent academic record is an acknowledgment from faculty of humanities Teaching and Learning unit for an average of 75% and above in one or more modules, From a career perspective, I embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship by founding a training and dietary advisory company which was intended to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge to maintain and improve their vitality during the covid-19 lockdown. This allowed me to use my passion and knowledge for weight training and sports to help others on their own journeys, as a result, I believe that we ran successfully in accordance with the objective of the company’s creation The objective of the background I have shared is to provide a means to show that through time, I have learned and equipped myself with the adequate tools to achieve my goals and overcome the challenges of student life in the context of the modern world, and through this, I would like to grant your child these tools through a holistic and strategic approach. I strongly believe that having me as a younger individual communicate with your child and guide them, often translates in a far more fluid manner as your child may gain a sense of relatability to me as I am also a student in my own right just like them. Through this, I am able to engage with your child and you as their parent, in forging a suitable pathway forward for your child in ensuring the above-mentioned challenges are addressed and an environment of motivation, consistency, assurance, and success is created, and encouraged. Through this a healthy, memorable, and successful student career is adopted, not only in the realm of academics and sports but also in decision-making, core values, and self-identity.

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Sa-eedah T

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I'm an eternal student and enthusiastic teacher; who believes in cultivating a love of learning, a goal of lifelong education, and a positive personal contribution to the world.

It has brought me joy in my life to have the ability to coach and work with individuals from all walks of life. I am a Sports Manager, Coach, and student with seven years of Sport Coaching Experience.

Johnny M

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As a coach, I aim to help my students become the best versions of themselves. This includes building study and time management habits, and other habits designed to improve their executive functioning.

Nathaniel J

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Postgrad Psychology student. I believe mentoring is centered around building a strong relationship between student and coach. This is what I aim for when guiding students toward academic excellence.

Kimberley M

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I am an LLB student at The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa with a Bachelor of Arts (Law Major) degree from the same institution. An experienced mentor and tutor as well as a peer educator. I believe in a broad and holistic approach to winning in all aspects of life.

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