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As a dedicated Coachbit Coach, I'm driven by a passion for success. I firmly believe that training and development are key tools for personal growth, accessible to both children and adults. My coaching journey centers on providing personalized support and solutions to both students and parents, fostering meaningful one-on-one connections. My primary goal is to enhance students' social and emotional well-being by nurturing their personal development and helping them establish small yet impactful habits. I understand how busy life can get, leaving little time for homework, friends, or self-care. Let's collaborate as we build these beneficial habits together! What I cherish most in coaching is the rapport I build with students and parents, and the privilege of supporting my students. My guiding principles are continuous learning, understanding, and integrity. My life motto encapsulates this journey: 'Let's embrace the journey!' Together, let's launch into a transformative journey of growth and achievement for your child.

  • PoodlesI love poodles! Poodles describe my personality best and I intend to get one by the end of 2024.
  • Bike riding Bike riding is one of my favorite activities. I love doing this for fun with my partner!
  • BasketballI’m a pure Golden State fan! 🙂
  • Watching animePonyo is my favorite anime movie.
  • SwimmingI really enjoy swimming!
  • Practical Leadership: Certificate , 2018, CFC Bible College
  • Sewing: Course , 2018, Truly Truly Sewing School
  • Philosophy: Course, 2018, The School of Practical Philosophy
  • Industrial and Organisational Psychology, 2022, orth West University Potchefstroom
  • Social Media Management: Certificate, 2022, Queros
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I’m a former therapist guiding student success as a Coachbit Coach with personalized focus on self-esteem and motivation. My coaching approach is to find solutions for each unique student.

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My coaching philosophy is founded on the importance of building relationships, maintaining motivation, and consistently encouraging my students. I always make sure each student knows they have a voice

My coaching philosophy is, “The only person you need to be better than is who you were yesterday.” Comparison is the thief of joy, so find and allow the best parts of yourself grow and shine!

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