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One of the main reasons I am passionate about student success is because I know the struggles students go through and I wish I had a coach who would have helped me during my years of schooling. I would study for hours and still obtain low marks until I found a technique that was suitable for me and my marks improved drastically. The realization that each learner has a different way of learning sparked a passion in me and that is how I ended up helping other students. After finishing high school, I attended Bible College as I wanted to understand the Christian worldview. Later that year I did a course in Philosophy as I wanted to learn more about perspectives and develop my understanding skills a bit more. I also attended Art School where I studied Sewing because of my interest in fashion and creativity. In my free time, I love to learn, create and question everything. These hobbies have helped me develop skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. I am a great choice for a coach, not only am I passionate about it but I can relate with students because of my experience and my willingness to learn and grow.

  • Michelle MathebulaSwimming and watching anime.
  • Practical Leadership: Certificate , 2018, CFC Bible College
  • Sewing: Course , 2018, Truly Truly Sewing School
  • Philosophy: Course, 2018, The School of Practical Philosophy
  • Industrial and Organisational Psychology, 2022, orth West University Potchefstroom
  • Social Media Management: Certificate, 2022, Queros
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Michelle L

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My previous experience has equipped me with skills or knowledge which enable me to help you and or your child unlock and reach their full potential. Registered counsellor(CCSA 2013)

I have always found happiness in helping others and I hope to use the skills and knowledge I have gained to change the lives of others and optimize conditions for personal growth.

Tamika V

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My name is Tamika, I have a degree in Communication Science and Psychology and Honours in Psychology. I am passionate about helping people. My experience is with tutoring students. I would be a great coach as I am always willing to help by making sure we work together as a team to ensure the best possible results :)

Ayesha T

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I am a Honours Psychology graduate who is passionate about promoting a holistic learning environment that fosters students unique learning capabilities and motivates them to excel in both their academic and social life!

I am a highly organized, big-hearted friendly bear that will dedicate myself to being there for you as we journey together to grow your foundations for the future.

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