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Mark P

Nothing has brought me more joy in my life than the ability to coach and work with individuals from all walks of life. I am a Sports Manager, Coach, and student with seven years of Sports and Coaching Experience. My years of coaching helped me learn the value of understanding the types of languages students express when developing new skills or habits. Students of all ages, even adults, express behavior functions such as E.A.T.S (Escape, Attention, Tangible and Sensory needs) that demonstrate what they could be possibly communicating that needs to be focused on to boost their learning. These cues allow me to adjust my coaching style according to each student's needs and wants which in turn creates effective growth. I aim to coach students towards their success while contributing to their personal development, and so far, all my students have succeeded from my way of coaching. Through Coachbit I plan to keep it that way by helping you develop what you are missing from your success story.

  • BHSc in Human Movement Sciences and Sport Mangement , , North West University
  • Coaching Sciences, 2022, Regent Business School
  • Certificate in Business Management, 2020, Regent Business School
  • BHSc in Human Movement Sciences and Sport Mangement , 2024, North West University
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Sa-eedah T

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I'm an eternal student and enthusiastic teacher; who believes in cultivating a love of learning, a goal of lifelong education, and a positive personal contribution to the world.

Rivoningo L

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I am here to help you define and achieve your key to success. I am a student completing my final year in a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Law.

Johnny M

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As a coach, I aim to help my students become the best versions of themselves. This includes building study and time management habits, and other habits designed to improve their executive functioning.

Nathaniel J

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Postgrad Psychology student. I believe mentoring is centered around building a strong relationship between student and coach. This is what I aim for when guiding students toward academic excellence.

Kimberley M

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I am an LLB student at The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa with a Bachelor of Arts (Law Major) degree from the same institution. An experienced mentor and tutor as well as a peer educator. I believe in a broad and holistic approach to winning in all aspects of life.

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