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Kayla D

As a Coachbit Coach, my qualities include empathy, patience, and an out-of-the-box mindset. With a strong academic background in Psychology and Gender Studies, and an ongoing pursuit of an Honors degree in Psychology, I am well-prepared to understand the diverse needs of students. My extensive experience as an Academic Tutor, Student Mentor, and Learning Facilitator, particularly with neurodiverse students and those with learning difficulties, allows me to provide tailored support. I am deeply committed to holistic student development, emphasizing growth and well-being alongside academics. I firmly believe in every student's potential, and my passion for education and mental health drives my coaching philosophy. I am dedicated to helping students overcome challenges, ensuring they reach their true potential through personalized support and care. What I find most fulfilling about coaching is building relationships with my students and the opportunity to positively impact their lives so they can reach their true potential. Holistic development is essential; we are all individuals with unique strengths and needs. My life mottos are: 'You can't pour from an empty cup' and 'Be where your feet are,' reflect my commitment to self-care and being present in every moment. As your student’s coach I would be happy to lead them on a journey of growth and achievement.

  • Cooking & Baking I really enjoy making home-cooked and baked meals for my friends and family. My signature dishes are lasagna and lemon meringue. Even my favorite shows are cooking-related and I love trying new dishes and cuisines!
  • Arts & CraftI love hand making things. From custom birthday cards and Christmas tags, to my new interests in digital art. I like being able to express myself through making things!
  • ReadingI'm an avid reader with a variety or favorite genres. I love a good romance novel, but also love a good psychological thriller!
  • Anime/Manga Not only do I love Japanese culture but since high school, I've loved the genre of anime!
  • Pokémon Can you count this as a hobby? YES!
  • Learner Facilitation Certificate, 2020, Leftnet
  • Level 5 Diploma , 2020, I to I TEFL - TEFL
  • Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Psychology and Gender Studies, 2020, University of Cape Town
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours - B.Psych Equivalent, 2023, Cornerstone Institute
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Team Lead

Sydney R

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My coaching philosophy is that everyone deserves to become the best version of themselves. I'm here to help you do just that through trust, teamwork, and open communication.

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Matthew C

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I’m a firm believer in building momentum through small victories. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be consistent. This has proved to me that big success can be fueled by small wins.

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Tishan G

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As a Coachbit Coach my coaching centers on trust, respect, and accountability. I foster a positive, inclusive environment to empower students in realizing their full potential.

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Duncan K

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With a Bachelor's degree in Theology, I have a passion for students of all ages, helping them grow in all areas of life, and watching them achieve their goals in areas I wish I had help in.

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