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There are so many distractions that today’s students and scholars must navigate. Over and above this there are so many opportunities and possibilities, it can be hard to focus. Let me help you to build mental fitness to achieve unstoppable habits and mindsets that are sure to make you succeed and flourish. One of my passions is to coach mindfulness because I believe it is the superpower of performers. It is the ability to find calmness and focus unconditionally. I know and I’ve experienced how uplifting and soothing my coaching is in many different contexts including corporate and maverick entrepreneurial spaces and now I want to share leading-edge ideas and performance coaching with you and many others so we can each get better and better every day. Results are important and so is an achievement. I can help you gain tools and skills you will use for a lifetime to stay motivated and inspired to flourish.

  • Kat KolobeI love being in the bush and tracking animals with rangers. Being outdoors and I’m an avid amateur gardener. I enjoy reading epics and I also enjoy hikes and playing guitar. My favorite vacation is tropical and beach. I’m fascinated by space and I watch a lot of documentaries. I find human psychology fascinating and I’m always learning more. One of my favorite things to do is to watch Ted Talks on human behaviour and succes
  • Organisational Psychology, 2015, University of London
  • Master and coach certifications, 2010, Martha Beck Instituit
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Sa-eedah T

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I'm an eternal student and enthusiastic teacher; who believes in cultivating a love of learning, a goal of lifelong education, and a positive personal contribution to the world.

It has brought me joy in my life to have the ability to coach and work with individuals from all walks of life. I am a Sports Manager, Coach, and student with seven years of Sport Coaching Experience.

Johnny M

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As a coach, I aim to help my students become the best versions of themselves. This includes building study and time management habits, and other habits designed to improve their executive functioning.

Nathaniel J

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Postgrad Psychology student. I believe mentoring is centered around building a strong relationship between student and coach. This is what I aim for when guiding students toward academic excellence.

I am committed to helping students grow and develop in a way that fosters success. My goal is to relieve some of the burdens parents face and help students gain the skills to become their best self!

Brittany J

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Due to my background in Psychology and as one of Coachbit's most experienced coaches, I ensure that all of my students' needs are met and that each student becomes the best version of themselves.

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