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My name is Justin Peach, preferably called Peach. I am in my final year of my BA General at the University of Cape Town majoring in Information Systems and Chinese Studies. Currently, I am the UCT Ultimate Frisbee club chairperson and the student representative for my Chinese studies course (yes! I am learning Mandarin). I am a Chinese Studies class representative for 2 years, a private tutor with more than 6 years of experience, and background extra on movie sets (check me out in Kissing Both 1 & 2 as well as series like Vagrant Queen and Venus Flytrap). I have 5 years of wine sales experience. I am currently coaching Ultimate Frisbee at 3 separate schools and one social group where people can join for fun. I love playing Ultimate on the beach every Sunday and sports climbing at my local sports climbing gym whenever possible. I have a TEFL certificate and taught English in China for a year. What I hope to achieve as your child's coach is to imbue in them a strong sense of time management. Most students struggle to organize their time in a way that is not only beneficial for them, but their schools, their families, and their friends. I want students to understand that they can have their cake and eat it if they plan well enough!

  • Justin Peach Frisbee, Rock Climbing, food, yoga, chess, coffee, slacklining.
  • Undergraduate degree, 2023, University of Cape Town
  • 120 Online TEFL Certificate, 2017, -
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Jonathan L

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My learning philosophy is my belief in the power of unlocking the maximum potential for transformative change, starting with the mindset of my students and their parents. Let's transform together!🤓📈

I am passionate about guiding students to reach their goals by helping them tap into their potential. My hobbies include running, practicing yoga, and meditation.

Majoring in Communication has shown me that in community, all is possible. By encouraging perseverance and goal-oriented thinking, I will walk with you and your child to help reach their potential.

Jonathan v

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As your coach, I have one goal that I wish to fulfill as best I can: To guide you to becoming the person you aim to be.

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