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James D

I am a therapist and coach that lives with ADHD who utilizes a CBT, Solution Focused, and Mindfulness approach in coaching. I have a background working with children and teens both typical and on the spectrum! When students have struggles I am able to utilize my active listening and rapport-building skills to let them know they are being heard to better address the struggles that need to be explored. I've worked with students struggling with anxiety, depression, time management, ADHD, test anxiety, and self-identity. You should pick me because I will increase the student's confidence, motivation, growth, and performance to help students be their best selves and happy with their results. I am passionate about the work I do and it shows in the results of the individuals I work with.

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Sinovuyo K

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As a Psychology and Sociology graduate, I am grateful for any opportunity to assist others and add value to their lives. As a coach, I aim to continually nurture and guide my students toward their full potential.

The life of your dreams can be achieved through small habits and routines. It would be an honor to help you get there. I've tutored students and coached them through all sort of academic challenges.

Amanda S

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I'm a trained behavioral science coach with a passion for health, wellness, and if you like to set goals or looking for a little more structure in everyday skills, you're in the right place

Shayna A

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I'm a Learning Support Teacher experienced in International Education and ADHD Management. I support students in setting clear, intentional goals and help create a pathway to achieve them.

Nyeleti M

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Hi I'm Nyeleti but you can call my Leti. I am a psychology major with exceptional experience in youth development. I would be honored to use my skills to contribute to your child’s development

Elizabeth C

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I have a degree in Psychology and a certificate in International School Counseling. I spent four years working as a dorm parent and educator, and I’m passionate about helping students

Viktoriia O

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Nothing is impossible without effort, discipline, and desire. Having visited more than 50 countries and lived in several cities, traveling allowed me to grow so let’s grow and walk this path together.

I am an enthusiastic educator and coach with over ten years of experience. I am passionate about helping students build habits and practices that help them thrive in grade school and beyond!

I am an artist, writer, adventurer, athlete, and animal lover with a passion for learning and making each day better than the last. My goal is to use creative thinking skills and help students develop habits of success.

Keatin O

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As an English teacher, I have worked in a multicultural environment for 6 years with almost every nationality in the world. My happiness in life comes from the help and guidance I can provide my students towards becoming the best version of themselves.

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