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As a Coachbit Coach I firmly believe in the power of setting achievable weekly goals as the foundation for a student's larger achievements. Small wins, when celebrated, lead to significant success. Progress fuels motivation, and visible results inspire even greater effort. My coaching approach is rooted in engagement, creating a comfortable space for students to openly discuss what's working and what could be more beneficial in achieving their goals. What I find most rewarding in coaching is witnessing the emergence of a student's character during our sessions. Getting to know each student on a personal level as their coach can be the most rewarding and transformative experience for both of us. My coaching philosophy is guided by three core values: 1) 'Become my best'—I relentlessly pursue personal and professional growth, driven by a hunger to learn. 2) 'Want to win'—I'm motivated and dedicated to giving my best in all endeavors. 3) 'Multiply me'—I believe in making the world a better place by imparting knowledge to young minds. My life motto reflects this journey: 'Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.' I would love to embark upon a journey of growth with your child.

  • Running I started running about 5 months ago and it has radically shifted my daily life and my mindset. It has set up a refreshing and positive routine, and I always felt amazing after the run, especially after the hardest part - getting out of bed!
  • Dancing I was a professional dancer throughout most of my childhood, and my passion of being a dancer turned into teaching dancers. I stepped away from dancing for the rest of my high school career, but soon stepped back into it, teaching students the skills and knowledge I gained throughout my dancing career.
  • Cat fosteringCall me crazy cat lady, I'll take it! My family had a heart and passion in taking in orphaned babies from the street, and that grew on me. I started taking in orphaned kittens that needed bottle feeding, and well… Let's just say they did find a forever home: My home.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, 2022, Vega
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I’m a former therapist guiding student success as a Coachbit Coach with personalized focus on self-esteem and motivation. My coaching approach is to find solutions for each unique student.

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As a Coachbit Coach I’m deeply committed to helping each student succeed by offering high-quality support to my students. I have been coaching for 4 years, and I’m an Industrial Psychology graduate.

My coaching philosophy is, “The only person you need to be better than is who you were yesterday.” Comparison is the thief of joy, so find and allow the best parts of yourself grow and shine!

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