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My fascination with human development and behavior has led me to pursue a career in psychology: one that brings me great pleasure and purpose. Having studied at a prolific university in South Africa, I hold an Honours degree in Psychology, minoring in English Literature. I am passionate about student development and empowerment, taking care in providing a space that is encouraging and supportive. I believe in taking an eclectic approach towards academic work: combining a series of creative ways to make learning fun and enjoyable whilst instilling valuable skills like time management, perseverance, and consistent efforts in tasks and self. As a coach, I hope to inspire my students to strengthen their shortcomings and become confident in their capabilities! I am an avid reader and lover of Netflix documentaries. I enjoy making delicious warm treats on weekends, much to the delight of my family!

  • Ayesha ToyerAny games (board games in particular), reading (any type of genre), volunteering at any dog shelter baking/cooking. I enjoy any knit work like crocheting and working on creative projects! I enjoy a wide range of music and love any true crime documentaries on Netflix. I love watching Youtube channels.
  • BA Psychology, (2019), Stellenbosch University
  • BSocSci Honours Psychology, 2020, South African College of Applied Psychology
  • TEFL certificate, 2020, TEFL Academy
  • BPsych Equivalent, 2022, Cornerstone Institute
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My previous experience has equipped me with skills or knowledge which enable me to help you and or your child unlock and reach their full potential. Registered counsellor(CCSA 2013)

My name is Micah John Springleer. I am passionate about community development, education, and humanitarian work with experience working in the non-profit and education sector. My education includes Business Management, Paralegal Practice, Theology, and Philosophy. I help incredible people explore ways to better themselves and prepare for a bright future.

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Michelle M

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My love for art helps me focus on understanding the needs of the students and fostering their personal development. I am an Industrial Psychology graduate with 4 years of experience in coaching.

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